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Thursday, January 10, 2008


I truly am enjoying this. I don't know if it of interest to anyone else, but Britney is just so uninteresting comapared to this.
To catch up, read-

Sarkozy and Bruni - a romance in pictures
Bruni - an unlikely first lady?

Now, I truly love France and try to get there every year. I also like Carla Bruni - an Italian former model turned singer now turned Presidential consort.
Sarkozy was elected to office in May because of his stand against immigrants in France calling them riff raffs after the riots.
Judging by the circumstances which led up to Miss Bruni's first meeting with the 52-year-old president, such a transformation might not be easy.It is less than three months since the self-styled moneyed bohemian, who is more at home in the cafés and bookshops of Paris's Left Bank than the grand palaces of state across the Seine, was persuaded to attend a private dinner party where Mr Sarkozy was guest of honour.
At first she was not interested, imagining the newly divorced president to be as humourless and threatening as he often appears when lecturing the nation on television.
Shortly before Mr Sarkozy was elected in May last year, Miss Bruni even said she supported his Socialist rival, Ségolène Royal.


Nicolas Sarkozy's ex attacks 'stingy' husband
Mrs Sarkozy is also said to have launched a thinly veiled attack on the president's 40-year-old fiancee, telling a friend: "Carla Bruni won't make him forget me in a hurry!"
Although Mr Sarkozy is expected to marry Miss Bruni, Mrs Sarkozy is unconvinced that her ex-husband of eleven years has got over her, and he is currently on the rebound.
Looking at pictures of both women, the physical resemblance is striking.

Mrs Sarkozi has a book out in which she makes some fantastic claims which make compelling reading -
Sent by her husband allegedly in a final bid to save their marriage, she claims to have single-handedly put sufficient pressure on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to releasing them.

"I pulled off the greatest break-in of the century," she is cited as exclaiming.
"Gaddafi had no intention of freeing these girls. I led the negotiations - I took control of Gaddafi."

Mrs Sarkozy is even claimed to have boasted she had "the balls" for the job.

I make no judgement about this situation but I am curious to see how it ends.

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