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Friday, January 4, 2008

FASHION WEEK INDIA-Mumbai’s LFW or Delhi’s WLIFW, whose Fashion Week is cheaper?

They are at it once again!

And by ‘they’ we mean the guys at both, the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WLIFW) and the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW). The ‘it’ being the ongoing feud the two have been having all about whose fashion week is better, the WLIFW’s Delhi one or the LFW’s Mumbai offering.

They have battled over participating designers, models and even dates which have often been in grave danger of clashing!! But now, the latest bit in this battle that is threatening to reach epic proportions is the fee the two weeks charge.

According to documents sent by the LFW guys, the cost of participating at WLIFW is substantially higher than that charged by the LFW. While the WLIFW charges separately for shows and stalls (where the designers display their garments and interact with buyers), the LFW charges combine the cost of the show and stalls.

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