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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


pharrelwilliamslouisvuitonn.jpgAt long last, it is here, the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Pharrel Williams.A little dissapointing, nothing particularly, creative and original. Cherubs and pave??? Come on! Too bad, I was looking forward to drooling over the line. Like most things Louis Vuitton,is it really worth its price tag??Is it truly crass commercialism being passed off as luxury? You be the judge. I bet the party was fun!

"As guests poured into the mansion on Avenue Foch that Vuitton rented out for the party, Miceli, the brand's in-house jewelry designer, escorted friends Mathilde Agostinelli, Lanvin chief executive Paul Deneve, and Sofia Coppola through a maze of vignettes where mirrors and medieval armor creatively displayed the dazzling jewelry--which launches in April, ranges blasoncherubin price from $2,070 to $620,760, and is identifiable by a coat of arms inspired by French Freemasons. "It's like a fun house, but done Vuitton-style," Coppola uttered in amazement as she emerged from the all-black vitrine where strategically placed spotlights cast a distinct ray of light on the chunky "secret society" rings and bracelets, all featuring an LV-logo emblem that flips over to plain pavé. "I love the cherub ring." Pharrell elaborated on the design. "The cherubs I got from the tattoo on my neck because I think that everyone could use a little divine intervention."


JOver in the tightly packed main cocktail room, Yves and Rebecca Carcelle, Virginie Ledoyen, Cécile Cassel, Justin Portman and Natalia Vodianova, Marianne Faithful, Dita Von Teese, and Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, who made a late entrance from the Boucheron dinner, swilled their glasses of Ruinart champagne as they grooved to the music of deejay Jus Ske while screens played a launch video of the jewelry Williams and Miceli shot that features the music impresario's new track, "Everyone Knows."
"Our collaborative relationship was like a ping-pong game," compared Miceli, who added that Williams brought her books on 1930s Art Deco and Africa for design inspiration. "We're both obsessed with secret societies, and if I was in one I wouldn't tell you!" she laughed.

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