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Saturday, January 19, 2008

OPRAH + LOBOUTIN - A match made in shoe heaven???

If you love shoes, you'll definitely get your kicks from this designer. "Tina Turner turned me on to these shoes. I was in her dressing room and she had them lined up," Oprah says.
"I said, 'What, do they all have names?' Yes, actually, they do. Christian Louboutin."His red-hot shoes are on the feet of the world's most stylish women. "My shoes are perfect for the very sexy woman who wants to be elegant," Christian says.
Christian is known for his signature red sole, but he says that idea came to him in a moment of frustration. "The shoe looked unfinished. Something was missing. The girl I was working with was constantly painting her nails so I grabbed her nail polish and put it on the sole," Christian says. "The shoe went totally alive.

You know, the red sole basically became my identity and totally a trademark."Oprah calls Christian's shoes "little pieces of sculpture." That's exactly the point, says spokeswoman Shawna Rose. "It's absolutely art for the foot.
Christian is inspired by many things … anything from daily life from a doorknob to a flower to, as one of the shoes is named, a sea anemone," Shawna says. "He brings that into his thoughts and feelings about women, which he's very passionate about."

Christian Louboutin shoes are so exquisite, they're like works of art for your feet! Every part of every shoe is handmade—right down to its signature red sole.

"Christian likes to say when he designs a shoe it's much more like designing a jewelry collection than it is following fashion," says Christian Louboutin spokeswoman Shawna Rose.

This hot pink pair is a perfect example of that! "The black crystals across the front are like three bracelets laying across your toe," Shawna says. "If you have a black-tie event and all you have is a black dress, then you've got all your accessories in one place."Oprah says she has a place for this shoe, but it's not on her feet. "I would take that shoe out of the box, and I would just sort of have it on the counter," she says. "I'm not kidding, y'all. I would put it on the shelf like a piece of sculpture to look at."READ MORE

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