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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Michelle Obama rocks Jason Wu at Inaugural Gala

Will the choice of Mrs. Obamas gown "woo" her fashion critics with her choice of Jason Wus' gown for the inaugural gala?. Right now, the opinion is divided. Tim Gunn told CNN he had hoped to see something with more jewel tones.
Michelle Obama celebrated her husband Barack Obama's Inauguration in a cream colored, one shoulder fitted bodice Jason Wu gown.

Michelle Obama made a bold choice for the inauguration of her husband with a a pale gold dress and matching coat by Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo that divided commentators.

But she turned up the glamour later in the day as she and her husband strutted their stuff at not one, but ten, inauguration balls.

Michelle Obama has long been a fan of designer Jason Wu, since she wore his #17 from his Spring 2009 collection for her interview with Barbara Walters.
The $3,510 raw silk dress with hand-embroidered rosettes is part of a line of elegant evening gowns and ladylike dresses selling in the $1,000 to $6,000 range. The dress features hand-embroidered florets with French knots that took 100 hours of labor in a New York studio. Wu told the Wall Street Journal's Heard on the Runway that Mrs. Obama paid for the dress. It bears noting that Wu's fashionable and feminine Spring 2009 line features more than a couple of ball gowns which could be perfect for an Inauguration gala but apparently Wu isn't focusing on that, telling the WSJ that it's "a long shot."

Jason continues to receive accolades including Fashion Group International's Rising Star Award for Women's Ready-to-Wear in January 2008 and in July 2008 he was named one of the finalists in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund

Michelle Obama chooses Isabel Toledo for inauguration

Now, we can all relax. The First Lady chose Isabel Toledo for the inauguration, now lets see what the evening wear is. We love the green Jimmy Choo "Glacier" pumps.

The designer had no idea she would pick their outfit as they shared with WWD.

"We're levitating - we really are," Ruben Toledo said minutes after watching Michelle Obama on CNN in an ensemble by his wife Isabel. The husband-wife team tuned in surrounded by their staff in their Broadway showroom.

The soon-to-be First Lady did not tip her hand in any way. "We had no idea. We hoped she would wear something because she has bought Isabel's clothes before. We never know what's going to happen," he said.

"It's just another shock, but a great shock."

. [Michelle and Barack Obama started their new life by leaving Blair House, the official presidential guest house, and heading to church]

[Sasha and Malia Obama]

[Michelle Obama holds the Lincoln Bible as her husband officially takes office]

[Outgoing President and First Lady, George and Laura Bush, greeted new First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama on the North Portico of the White House.]

The Obamas and the Bidens wave goodbye to the Bushes.[Waving goodbye to the outgoing President and former first Lady, George and Laura Bush]

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mrs. O arrives in Washington in Narciso, again!

Mrs O. and President Elect Obama on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on January 18, 2009. Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Now once the real issues facing America have been resolved - Who is designing his wife Michelle's inauguration gown? Who will be attending to her hairdo? What kind of puppy will the first family get, then President Obama can get to the actual business of running the country.

If all accounts of the designer of this dress are to be believed, then Narciso Rodriguez and the first lady may have had another chance to silence fashion critics , who lambasted the choice of the First Ladys Grant Park outfit.

Every fashion choice she makes will face merciless public scrutiny and we think she looks great in everything she wears including this absolutely gorgeous outfit. We particularly like the coats' great inner lining detail in black. Mrs. Obamas color choice falls right into the tans and earthy tones that look so great and sophisticated on mostly everyone, plus she adds a little sass in the sparkly details on the top.

How to dress skinny without Spanx

No, it's not Spanx. Spend New Years in a pair of Spanx and you'll come to the conclusion that control garments have a crucial role to play in our lives but most definitely not on a daily basis.

If all your weight is in the breasts, ( repeat- I am blessed to have such an asset, don't look upon it as a negative ) Needless to say- get a fantastic bra and show them off with good judgement. Wear a neckline with a little dip that says...Look, I'm not fat, it's all in the boobs. Never buy a turtle or round neck top. Ever! and no ponchos, never. The Rachel Pally T Back Tank is perfect in that it has a wide support 3" mesh T strap , and has a classy dip in the neckline.

If your weight is in the hips, (you sassy bella -find a tailor and make the waistline fit perfectly ). Wear pants that fall away at the curve of the bottom. That gives your back and legs a longer leaner line. Remember, for you, it's all about proportion. Anything that hugs and curves onto your hips right now must be followed by a top that fits like a glove. (See Beyonce above).

Watch the belt thing, it can give the appearance of trying too hard, especially when you have a small waistline. The look you are going for is definitely not Vegas showgirl.

If your weight is in the waist, you are all about creating an illusion. Fitted garments, fitted shirts are your friend, right now, not blouses...yet. Anything that hugs and curves into your butt right now must be followed by a top that falls a few inches below the curve of that butt. Get it???

So, leggings and tunics, wide pants and fitted jackets - kind of the opposite all the time. It's about drawing away attention from an otherwise perfect body.

Rich & Skinny Speedy Denim Jacket
Fitted blazers must follow you everywhere (casual and not casual) - you cannot, cannot wear anything shapeless otherwise it mirrors what you are trying to avoid. Denim jackets like the appropriately named Rich & Skinny Speedy Denim Jacket are perfect for this body type because they mirror the shape of the body, so no one can tell if the jacket is boxy or you are.

Just remember to wear with a longer top to create that waistline. If you wear low rise jeans, good cut for no waisters, pair with a great belt, with a 4inch monster buckle. The trick is to wear a fitted blazer unbuttoned, so that the buckle shows.

For all body types:

  • High heels are your friend, repeat, your best friend, so are belts. Belts???...yes, gorgeous belts with four inch buckles. High heels, all the way - because they make you more aware of what you are doing. You don't slouch and you dont drag your feet. You have to strut in them.

  • Fitted garments are our best friend.

  • Go easy on the necklaces. Avoid looking like a Florida matron by wearing one statement piece and not several.

  • Pants that fall away at the curve of the bottom. That gives your back and legs a longer leaner line. Remember, you are creating an illusion. Which means you can wear skinny jeans but a garment like a longer tunic must be worn on top. Try for skinny jeans in a very dark rinse and wear with dark shoes. If you can do boots, dark boots and dark shoes elongate the line causing the legs to flow mercilessly.

  • Don't force any color changes at any crucial point, which means don't break up the line. If you are wearing a white, gold, green (colored top) shirt, have the jacket match the pants and the pants match the boots.

  • Belts are our friends even for the waist challenged of us. People will notice your belt and subsequently leave you alone.

  • Avoid pencil skirts for now. Movement is important, so if you must wear a skirt, find one that gently flares away about mid thigh so that it creates a mini hourglass effect below. If in doubt, picture how all the stars that wore fishtail gowns at the Golden Globes looked stunning regardless of what they were wearing?

  • Dont pile on the fabrics as much as you might be tempted to. Be wary of the scarves and don't ever tie anything! that resembles a fabric around your in a sweater?. You are not fooling anyone, you just look like you are trying to hide a fat butt. For scarves, wear thin scarves, no bulk.

Now put the fork down and hit the gym.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fashion recycles Barbie, Stephen Sprouse and Supermodels...

In just the same week, fashion heralds (again!) the Stephen Sprouse grafitti bags (and oh yes, there is a waitlist for the bags), Barbies 50th anniversary and now former supermodel Tatjana Patitz, is attempting a comeback?.

The German-born model, who featured on the iconic 1990 Vogue cover deemed to be the watershed moment in the supermodel era alongside Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford, has revealed that she "wouldn't say no" to stepping back into the fashion limelight now that her only child, Jonah, is getting older.

The industry has changed a lot since she left, she adds.

"There's a sea of girls. It's almost like a fast-food market - a girl does well for a few seasons, then she's forgotten. Before, it would take you a few seasons to get going and it was more possible to have longevity."

Which girls???


In Barbie news, coinciding with the 50th anniversary plans that will see Barbie have her very own catwalk show in New York, the plastic beauty will sponsor shows of Ilincic and Scutt in the UK; and to say thank you both designers have created a special outfit, just for her.
"I couldn't wait to dress Barbie," says queen of romance Ilincic. "She's such an iconic model and the perfect front row show guest."

Seriously, we hope the above is said tongue in cheek but even more so, we hope is the bottom quote from Richard Dickson, general manager and senior vice president of Barbie:
"There has never been a better time for Barbie to reinforce her high fashion credentials and with Danielle Scutt and Roksanda Ilincic, alongside our global fashion celebrations, she is ready to embrace her 50th year in style."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Victoria Beckham looking stunning in Armani lingerie ad debut

Victoria Beckham looks absolutely sensational in a series of photos for Armani. The pictures of Ms. Beckham, will grace billboards and magazines and are from her first shoot in a three-year multi-million dollar deal. Armani himself praised Victoria, herself a designer, as 'a style icon, a dynamic lady whose influence and recognition will add great excitement to the continued international growth of our Emporio Armani women's underwear business.'

For a mom of three, who has often complained about her body saying;

'There are loads of things I don't like about my body', she said. 'I've got so much saggy skin on my stomach.'

All we can say is... Well done, and we won't say anything about airbrushing and lighting. (Daily Mail)

Vogue Feb. Cover Girl is Gossip Girl Blake Lively

Check out Blake Lively on the cover of Vogue in a Marc Jacobs dress and bracelet. This outfit would have been a better choice than the Nina Ricci gown she had on at the Golden Globes.

Lively's mother, a former model, inspired the ingenue's interest in clothes. Of the show, she says;

"The fashion is unbelievable. You can watch our show on mute and be entertained,"

Lively often jokingly refers to her California fashion pedigree as "sweatpants and UGGs," but actually, she has always had an interest in clothes, inspired by her mother, a former model from Georgia, who sews and used to take Lively as a child to boutiques and vintage stores and tailor adult clothes to fit her.
"She just did that because she was so creative and because she didn't want me to be dressed in big T-shirts cinched with a plastic clip like all the rest of the kids."

Ironically, it was fashion that gave Lively a taste of how cruel girls can be. When she entered a private school in Los Angeles in second grade, for the first and only time in her life she did not fit in. "It was the only school where people were just downright mean to me," she recalls. "They would make fun of my clothes because I dressed differently than the other kids." Somehow we don't think they're laughing anymore.

The end result of the photo shoot....Simply Gorgeous!!

Read the entire interview on