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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 exceptionally chic ways to reinvent your style in 2009

Tired of the same old humdrum look of 2009? If you ever hear recessionista chic again, will you hurl? Yeah, we understand. Here are 10 exceptionally chic ways to update your style for 2009 and it does not involve spending a fortune. Just follow the rules!

  1. Polish your social skills - Improve yourself by resolving to wear your LBD at least once a month. That way, you expand your rolodex, meet interesting people and who knows what's on the horizon. A new husband???

  2. Get your V5 - 5 Vibrant colors. Maintain a healthy wardrobe of tomato reds, apple, respberry, lemon and bluebery. Start with a Catherine Malandrino Cashmere blend top. and work your way through handbags, scarves, shoes etc. The choices are endless.

  3. Celebrate - wear something sparkly that reminds you of champagne every single day! like a Versace Faceted Stone Ring in Champagne. A sparkly ring or bracelet will suffice but if you had something bigger in mind...just go for it!

  4. Take up a new hobby e.g Gardening and clothe yourself in lovely florals in the coming year. Make hothouse flowers your choice in 2009.

  5. Embrace Bondage - bring out those Herve Leger bandage dresses and if you can't ,slip into some bandage shoes or gladiators like Giuseppe Zanotti Strappy leather sandals. Oh yes, and maybe you'd like to try liquid leggings? You know you do.

  6. Dvelop your animal instincts - Take a walk on the wild side and devlop your animal instincts. Earn your stripes, your spots, your dots with 2009 animal prints.

  7. Go back to school - Take a crash course in geometry. Prints, abstracts, collages are all part of the years trends.

  8. Dress like you mean business - invest in a suit this season. Mix and match the jacket and pants like you mean business. Time to take a refresher course in Style 101?

  9. Learn a little more history - The 80's, the 50's, acid-wash, holey jeans. Keep right on top of history and know which era you are dressing for each day.

  10. Get fit - Take up a sport or hobby or at least look like you can take up a sport. Either way, you might be able to fit into those bandage dresses and make them look fab.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Online Sale Alert: 30 to 70% off at Pink Mascara

Pink Mascara Fashion Designer After Xmas Sale

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 - the year of the stupid and the winner is...

Rod Blagojevic, Bernard Madoff, John Edwards, George Bush all made their mark on the year 2008 but our winner is the guy who asks, What is a Barack? Where he from..Africa? Our answer is: What is a DMX?.

DMX, definitely not the name of an intellectual or even a lightbulb. DMX, your ignorance is showing, not that it was ever hidden.

[Rapper DMX]

In a published interview, DMX displays the obvious.. a lack of insight. He claims a disinterest in Politics, but could that be because he can't vote? Hmm???

Fine, he does not follow Politics but he elaborates on his own stupidity as he wonders how anyone could name her child Barack. Yes, DMX, but you do know English is not the only language spoken on Earth, Right????

Follow the 12 most stupid people of 2008 at Ebony Magazine. From Elliott Spitzer, OJ Simpson, Jesse Jackson to John Edwards to the current Illinois governor Blagojevich, 2008 was a year of the dumba***.

12 Stupidest people of 2008

2008 Photoshop Hall of Shame

2008 Worst dressed Celebrities

Worst trends of 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Jourdan Dunn isa well grounded model.. Macy's, H& M open 24 hours..French Vogue needs you


In an effort to entice shoppers, Toys R' Us, Macy's and H&M have announced that they will be open all hours. Let us know who pops in at 3a.m. besides people like Camilla Joseph.

Saying she hates crowds, the 37-year-old Ms. Joseph was thrilled to be able to finish her shopping when no one was around. Surrounded by packages filled with a dollhouse, videogames and a robot, she sprawled on the floor next to a cash register. "Could you imagine being able to do this during the day?" said Ms. Joseph, who by day is a manager at Starbucks. (WSJ)


Mr. Gurung, who joined Bill Blass from Cynthia Rowley in 2003, was among the 20-something employees let go Friday as the label prepares to shutter its couture line.“It’s disappointing,” Mr. Gurung said in an interview Friday afternoon. “It’s really an end of an era. (The brand) Bill Blass was around for almost 40 years — fashion in America has really lost a great part of its history.”

While the line has disappeared from the e-commerce sites of retailers Bergdorf Goodman, Lord & Taylor, NeimanMarcus, and Saks FifthAvenue, associates at both Bergdorf and Saks have confirmed that the collection is still available on the floors in their department stores. The line seems to have earned increased visibility in their final resort season as starlets like Eva Mendes have been wearing the gowns to red carpets events.


FRENCH Vogue wants your old issues — the ones that have been gathering dust on a some shelf like bottles of Bordeaux — and preferably in a vintage older than 1975. What do you get in return? We don't know. (NYT)


Famously scouted by Storm Models in Primark when she was just 14, native Londoner Dunn remains refreshingly down-to-earth despite her near-instant rise to fashion fame - and admits that it still stings when her siblings call her "skinny girl" as the ultimate insult during arguments.

"My issue when I was growing up was always my weight," she tells The Observer. "I would see Beyoncé or J-Lo in music videos and I would ask, 'Why can't I be like them?' They have a curviness, a sexiness. Coming from a black [Jamaican] community, curves are celebrated and being the skinny black girl when I was growing up was hard." (Vogue UK)


Did you imagine you would see the Editor of Vogue on the worst dressed list? Well she is, Anna Wintour makes the list in her silver outfit at the Met Costume Ball. It did say Costume! Are we missing the point..Daily News? (NYDN)


No arrests have been made yet in the Paris Hilton Robbery case. It's so hard not to be cynical and wonder if this is just a publicity stunt. (YAHOO)


Sahar Daftary, 24, jumped from the 12th floor (150 ft) of a building in Salford Quays, Manchester, over the weekend. She had recently split from married property developer boyfriend. (Daily Mail UK)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Louis Vuitton sues rapper T.I over use of LV products in video...

Louis Vuitton - One billion served and Counting...(McDonalds much?)

"Alright, okay, I don't dance, no way
I just take my Louie rag out and wave it round in the air
Take my Gucci rag out and wave it round in the air
Alright, okay, I don't dance, no way
I just take my Louie rag out and wave it round in the air
Take my Gucci rag out and wave it round in the air"

The lyrics to T.1's song "Swing ya Rag" which he recently performed on SNL and the video of which is the subject of a lawsuit.

The match between rappers and Louis Vuitton is a rather ambivalent one indeed. Wasn't it just a few moments ago (at least it seems like), Foxy Brown sang about Marc Jacobs and they became BFF'S?. (He recognised the economic power and influence of rappers).

Who could possibly miss Kanye Wests' love for the label, but now in an effort to retain their cache (very funny) and to protect their brand, LV is going after the rapper T.I.

First Louis Vuitton sued Britney Spears over use of a Vuitton-embroidered dashboard in a video and now it's T.I. He won't be releasing his "Swing Ya Rag" video which highlights both Gucci and Louis Vuitton products due to actions from both companies.

Just so you know, LV. That scarf was also recently seen on Jamie Foxx and that is solely because of this song, we think.

Says T.I:
"We spoke to them. The video, it's done. But I guess it's one of those corporate things where they don't wanna be associated or affiliated with a certain type of brand," T.I. said in a statement. "A T.I. video ain't the best look in their eyes right now. No harsh feelings."

"At the end of the day, it's gonna be a time when somebody is gonna have to sit at my table, and we gonna have the same type of conversations," T.I. shared his thought further. "It might be something as simple as just a party or endorsement. One thing is, the world goes around and comes back. I can take it when it's my turn."

Louis Vuitton has to decide if it wants Mega profits or status. You can't be the McDonalds of Fashion and then overzealously who sings or does a video about your product.

Strangely, when the musiciand sing or speak about it (free advertising), nothing is said but when a video is put out, a law suit occurs. Can we say Overzealous Lawyers?

Just Chill, like it or not, folks up at Louis Vuitton-when these guys decide your product is played out, you won't be too happy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

$10m reward offered for Shoe-cide bomber shoes

Shoe-cide bomber Journalist Muntadar Al Zaidi[Shoe-cide bomber Journalist Muntadar Al Zaidi]

We just love a good shoe story! This one only gets more bizarre.

A Saudi man has offered $10 million for the shoes of Iraqi journalist/shoe thrower Muntadar Al Zaidi who has become a shoe-in for a hero in Iraq.

"This is a gift from the Iraqis, this is the farewell kiss, you dog!" Al Zaidi shouted just before he chucked his shoes at the US president during the live broadcast of the press conference.

"This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq!" Al Zaidi shouted as he hurled his other shoe.

The $10m offer comes from sixty-year-old Hassan Mohammad Makhafa of Aseer (south west of Saudi Arabia).

He's prepared to sell all his properties - which would be going to his sons - to purchase the shoes, which he describes as a "medal of freedom."

Dignitaries of the Saudi man's tribe expressed their solidarity with Makhafa and their willingness to share the $10m reward with him.

We are assuming the shoes are no longer in the Journalists' possession, but where are they? Evidence? We think not. We've got shoes and can throw them all, but definitely, definitely not at George Bush. The journalist is lucky to be alive, if he is.

It would have been so much easier to shoo him out. Its silly and tacky to laugh at ones jokes but ha! ha! ( Gulf News)

Sequin Shoes- Blame it all on Marc Jacobs!

[Miu Miu Perla Sequinned Pumps]

Say what you will, you can't ignore a pair of Sequin pumps. Apparently Marc Jacobs is to blame. In 2004, he slapped a chunky heel onto a plimsoll, covered it in Dorothy-esque red sequins and sold it for upwards of $400. And as they say, (we still don't know who says it) the rest is fashion history.

If the pumps were covered in Pailettes like these Pigalle Paillettes pumps, we would love them so.

Loboutin Pigalle Paillettes pumps[Loboutin Pigalle Paillettes pumps]

Yes, these we like and we like a lot!. Priced at $945.00, well, hello they are Loboutins. You expect that price, don't you? The reality of your wallet dictate that you go lower? Charles by Charles David - Soul do a sequin pump at $114.95. Its not the same but it will have to do.

Juicy Couture even does an Espadrille in sequins. Priced at $225.00, they have been marked down to $79.00. Great for a casual dressed up look in the summer. Available at eLUXURY.

Juicy Couture Sequin Platform Espadrille[Juicy Couture Sequin Platform Espadrille]

In the mood for a flat? Give Antik Batik Soot Stone & Sequin Ballet Flat a try. For the Rihannas among us, continue to carry the torch for Fashion and get the Antik Batik Dinah Sequin Boot.

Antik Batik Dinah Sequin Boot

Want to channel Dorothy in Red Sequin Pumps? Your Martinez Valero sequin pumps will do just that.

[Martinez Valero Sequin Pumps]

Martinez Valero Pumps available at but if all these sequin shoes are not enough for you, voila! Gold Sequin Boots below. There's always a costume party somewhere.

.Gold Sequin Boots

Friday, December 12, 2008

Is Karl Lagerfeld the Obama of fashion?

Lagerfeld and Lohan in his Chanel plane[Lagerfeld and Lohan in front of his Chanel plane- bet you did not know Chanel had a plane]

Why did bloggers blog endlessly about his $1,500.00 teddy bear, not even pausing for one moment to wonder why a grown man should be seen posing with a teddy bear.

In someones else's hands, that picture would seem so....perverted?

His sales pitch? "Bears are very nice, as long as you are nice to them … Nothing scares me more than people with some doll collection. Frightening."

You nailed it monsieur!. All those weird QVC Marie Osmond and Barbie collecting people. Hrmph!!

Let's not even discuss the perpetual sunglasses and the gloves.

We write about his super expensive $25,000 fishing rod and the guy most likely does not fish and may have never ever fished in his life. Not that we blame him, but can you imagine him touching worms??? Especially a man who says "I never played with anything like toys. I wanted to be grown up". Somehow you don't envision worms in his past. At least not those kinds of worms.

Then heaven forbid that he put on a safety vest for France and all hell breaks loose.

He is the Obama of Fashion. Whatever he does, the fashion world wants more, and more and more!

Then he parts ways with Obama because he wants absolutely nothing to do with the common man. Imbeciles, all the rest of us! and yet we still thirst.

Lagerfeld turns into an Obama plus Oprah hybrid fully loaded with a larger than life ego. You know when Oprah says she couldn't decide between the green Bentley and the blue one, so she bought both.

Yet, somehow we don't resent them. We want more... and what are you going to do tomorrow! we wonder and we wait for word.

He says as he continue to drive his gas guzzling 3 hummers.... The Hummer is like a tank and gives me a feeling of security. I don't want to drive at the same level as the others. Yeah, read the quote below.

It now appears that he has heard of that thing called a recession and he is trying to adjust.
For one thing, "I have moved to a smaller house in Paris, and I don't fancy having so much staff now," he reveals to German weekly Die Zeit. However, "The chambermaid, chauffeur and chef are still musts," he says, "around the clock." His passion for gas-guzzling Hummers - the largest model, H1 - continues. "I have three of them," Lagerfeld tells the Die Ziet. "Two here in Paris and one in Monte Carlo.... The Hummer is like a tank and gives me a feeling of security. I don't want to drive at the same level as the others." He also weighs in on his new house in Vermont, noting, "It's very Emily Dickinson. In fact it's almost Puritanical. For me it's a new form of modesty."

Ah! Monsieur Lagerfeld, you are tres charming in a je ne sais quoi type of way. Is that french for weird? Unfortunately, he is right about keeping the H1 hummer. It is the best of the best. All the other hummers are meh.

Well, I guess as long as he continues to dangle super expensive bags we covet, and clothing we cannot afford if we earn a salary, we will forgive all his foibles and attribute them to the eccentricities of a fashion genius. Non???

Karl Lagerfeld and his limited edition bear[Lagerfeld and his $1,500 teddy bear]

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jennister Aniston,nude on the cover of GQ...but why Jen?

Jen, Jen, Jen. Whose idea was this? We know it could not possibly have been yours, it was your publicist.

Fire her because, Sorry Jen, the cover smacks of desperation and we don't understand why. In a sense we understand why you think you should do it but actually doing it?

We get it. Your husband left for some gorgeous creature from another galaxy and the husband lacks a sensitivity chip.

We understand you want to show the world that you still got it, smoking body and all middle aged folk all have to draw the line somewhere.

The Vogue cover was good but naked GQ too? You said Vogue misrepresented you and then you did it again?

The only more cringeworthy act you could possibly pull now is to go to Vietnam, Ethiopia, adopt a child, and name them Pax, Zahara and whatever.

We agreed with you that Angelina was uncool and inappropriate even when we did not understand why you were talking about it 3 years and six children later.

We can only imagine Brangelina snickering at this point and Jen honey, Sweetie, please don't even mention their kids names in an interview. Sigh! Tut, tut, tut.

According to GQ:

As we finish lunch, she talks about the project she seems most excited about: a movie she’s developing called Pumas, in which she hopes to star with Elizabeth Banks. “It’s sort of a female Wedding Crashers,” she says. “It’s these two girls who are aspiring cougars. It is so a comment on the sexual double standard—and what’s been ironic is how hard it’s been to get this movie made. Studios want it, but they’re afraid of Middle America. They’d want to change it; they’re saying, Oh, you can’t do that, people just can’t imagine you…” She’s alluding here to Hollywood’s formula for romantic comedies and her default character within them—offbeat, likable, and unlucky in love…before I leave, I have to ask about what she—referring earlier to the photo of her and the half-naked dudes—described as “sort of a cougar thing.” Her friend Courteney Cox has just announced a TV show called Cougar Town, there’s that Pumas movie, and of course, the younger man. Sure, it all seems a little heavy-handed, but if Jen’s trying to signal that in the next episode of her life she’ll play a fortysomething sex symbol, well, we’re certainly not going to complain.

No, Jen, no! Angelina did the ridiculous "WANTED" then redeemed herself with "Changeling" and now you are going in the exact opposite direction? Don't, just don't play a cougar-ever! Don't even ask why. All you have to ask is What would Demi do? or what would Halle do? or better still What would Mariah do?

Somehow we don't see them playing cougar roles in movies beacause if acting is fantasy, they are living that fantasy in real life and so are you.

She also says:
“I still can’t wrap my head around how old I’m going to be,” she says. “I feel more comfortable today than I ever did in my twenties or early thirties. I’m healthier. I’m more at peace in my mind and with my body.”

So, Jen, as a friend (well, in our dreams) we would like you to give yourself a good head shake and truly be at peace with your mind and body. Ignore those people because when their potential 10 children watch the movie where their parents (according to Angelina) fell in love, all the children will say is "Mommy, why was Daddy trying to kill you?" or vice versa.

Your'e rich, mega rich, thin, very thin, tanned and Oprah likes you. What more could you ask for?.
Anyway, we expect Angelina to counter all this publicity you are getting by announcing that she is adopting nine more children and pregnant with quadruplets.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Update: Victoria Beckhams' collection is doing well round the globe!

Victoria Beckham wearing one of her own designs[Victoria beckham in one of her own designs]

Okay, okay Victoria Beckham is getting the ultimate revenge on everyone who laughed at her. Success! Despite the rumours that she got a lot of help form Roland Mouret or that she knocked off his designs, her dresses are selling out at Bergdorf Goodman.

She hit Bergdorf Goodman last Friday wearing one of her own designs as she showcased the new dresses on three models and described each look.

She was at the store to personally introduce an early delivery of the line (which ranges from $1,000 to $3,000) to an intimate crowd of 65. And less than a week later, a Bergdorf representative confirmed to NYMag that half the stock is sold out.

Apparently, some items already generating waiting lists.

This follows her line's success in England where Selfridges sold out of her entire collection at both the London and Manchester locations in one day. "I don't have a doubt in my mind that these special pieces will sell out," Linda Fargo, Bergdorf's senior vice president, Fashion Office & Store Presentation, told us. "Our gals still want the rare and hard-to-find pieces, and especially things that are so flattering and well made. They're sexy but elegant at the same time — a lethal combination for my money."

If you say so, Ms Fargo! Now that her line is doing well, can she stop with the endless PR of wearing her own lines? For heavens sakes, there are only 10 pieces or so in the collection.

Are you up for silver shoes and black tights?

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cuise[Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise]

While it was odd and still is odd and rather disturbing to read Forbes declare Suri Crusie as the hottest tot of the year, cutest perhaps but hot?

Anyway, it was hard to miss the cutest mother/daughter moment in this shot.

The mettalic shoes and black tights is a very interesting fashion choice for Mommy. On the tot, it is simply glorious but seeing as Mommy is a fashionista and all, we weren't sure if we would actually wear black tights paired with silver shoes or gold shoes or white shoes.

Paris appears to be the master of this look and our jury is till out but if Katies' style appeals to you, Just Cavalli Snakeskin Leather Pump are a perfectly gorgeous pair of mettallic silver pumps.

Want the flats? we don't blame you. Sigerson Morrison Silver flat ballerinas with beads are a great dress up pair of flats.

You can also try either Michael Kors Metallic Halo Flat or Versace Greek Key Metallic Flat or Y-3 Washiba Ballet Flat. You get the picture - there are lots of pretty silver flats out there.

Whether you choose to pair your choices with black tights or not, we'll leave entirely up to your fearless fashion choices.