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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tips for shopping online...start your search engines!

We welcome you to the most unproductive day in worker history aka Cyber Monday.

  1. Start window shopping - today for after Christmas sales and beyond as well.The best days for online shopping is Fridays - a lot of items are reduced even further on Fridays.

  2. Sign up at your favourite websites - and designate a particular e-mail address e.g lovetoshop@yahoo. If they sell your info, you can always and create another but at least you have an idea who is selling your info.

  3. Shop to your hearts content on line. Add everything to your cart and walk away. Make dinner, go running, anything then come back. By then, only the things you really like will stay in your mind. Then check that list again.

  4. Also you can 'Proceed to Checkout,' but then close your browser window. "Very often, you'll get a followup, computer-generated e-mail from the company asking if there was anything they could have done to complete the transaction. Then respond and ask for a deal sweetener or if you are comfortable with small lies:), tell them you found a lower price.

  5. Don't underestimate the value of free shipping. Depending on how much you buy, free shipping can be a blessing. You can demand it these days!

  6. Don't forget returns and re-stocking fees. Find a merchant who will offer you free returns and may even send you a pre-printed mailing shipping label like and

  7. Beware of final sales. If its a horrible item, you want to be able to send the cr**p back.

  8. If you can, shop during commuter travel when everyone is off to work or returning. Before 9.a.m or after 5p.m. Also try shopping at dinnertime in your area. Forget lunch, spend that time browsing if you must, or actually have lunch to get you fortified.

  9. Check Ebay. Yes, you'll be pleasantly surprised but beware of fake items.

  10. Watch for the taxes in your state. Only your state taxes are applicable to you.

Now that Black Friday is over, settle in for Cyber Monday

Why does anyone fall for the concept of Black Friday and then waits in line for hours only to trample a store employee to death when they can shop in the comfort of their own homes all year round.

Shoppers wait in line outside Neiman Marcus at 5a.m

Here are some of the sales we think are worth checking out. You can still get the best deals.

  • Editors Closetcarries amazing items like Oscar de La Renta, Swarovski Jewelry, at up to 70% off. You have to be invited to shop so enter our email when you do and tell them we invited you. Click on BECOME A MEMBER and enter

  • Name it - Missoni, Cavalli, Olivia Harris, Badgely Mischka, Earnest Sewn, Malo, Natori for Men, the Gilt Group has them at unbelievable prices. Shopping is by invitation only so click here to join their fab sales.

Celebrities in Herve LegerHerve Leger dress

See you online! :)

Diddy submits BOND - 007 Audition Tape

Watch your back Daniel Craig, here comes tooth-picking Diddy as the new 007.

Back in 2006, Diddy, then known as P. Diddy told the BBC. "One day the time will come for a black Bond and hopefully I can audition for it," the then 36-year-old said at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Copenhagen.

Well, the time has come and try not to laugh as you watch Diddys' Bond audition/I am King advertisement shown below.

Diddy spent more than $1m in an effort to be the next Bond and perhaps, just perhaps it does not work, he segues into an ad for "I am King" - his fragrance.

Dressed with a License to Kill, Diddy dons a tuxedo and cuts through the sky at the helm of a helicopter, draped with beautiful Bond-worthy girls. However, saving himself from utter humiliation, the audition tape will also promote the star’s new fragrance, I Am King – are you, though, really Diddy?

Somehow we suspect if he does manage to get the role, it will be the lowest grossing Bond movie ever but he'll keep us entertained until then.

One thing for sure, the Bond producers don't need to shell out for more Bond jewelry - did 007 wear jewelry?? you say?? Maybe he could play the villian - Blingfinger, a black rapper who wants to take over the world and all its diamond mines. Now, that might work. Maybe we can write the screenplay...oooh.

Confidence is a good thing - Non??

Monday, November 24, 2008

ANTM News: Miss Jay to release new book on Poise and Presence

America's Next Top Model judge and walking coach J. Alexander (Miss J to the fans) has sold a book, Follow the Model: Miss J's Guide to Unleashing Presence, Poise, and Power, to Simon Spotlight Entertainment, to be edited by Patrick Price (Mr. Price was also responsible for the seminal He's Just Not That Into You, not to mention the Lance Bass biography Out of Sync).

The book promises to include "inspiring advice, life lessons, and self-esteem coaching for all women," punctuated by Mr. Alexander's "colorful anecdotes."

Watch for the book to launch when his new reality show - Operation Fabulous debuts.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hayden Panetierre designs handbags for Dooney & Bourke

Hayden Panettiere, who is Dooney & Bourke’s spokesmodel, has teamed up with the label’s designer Peter Dooney to create the perfect bag for Spring 09.
Named after the star herself, the “Hayden Clutch” is made from Italian calfskin and fastened with a 24 carat gold plated lion head, inspired by her astrological sign the Leo.
According to PEOPLE, who caught up the new handbag designer who told them she was part of the design process from the initial drawing to the lion’s head clasp. “Instead of putting my name on it, I put a lions head on it. It’s a way of representing me,” says Hayden.
The clutch shape was also her idea. “I asked if I could design a clutch because it’s something that I’ve familiar with because I carry them around all of the time.”
The bag will come in a variety of colors including blue, red, black, white, brown, hot pink (Hayden’s favorite) and purple.
The Hayden Clutch, $295, will hit Dooney & Bourke stores nationwide in December.
What do you think,? Are her bags going to be a bestseller?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chanel Iman studded Lou-boots...

Send a whole new message in studded boots - biker-chic, sophisticated but definitely not understated. Chanel Iman recently did at an 11/08 Teen Vogue event. The Christian Louboutin Donjon boots (retail $2,350.00) above have long been sold out but you can get the same look in Cesare Paciotti's studded boots - $784.00 now $509.60 Available at

Cesare Paciotti

or rock the same look in Giuseppe Zanotti.

Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti studded boots - priced at $1,024.00. Available at

Beverly Feldman Selma

A lesser priced option are Beverly Feldmans - Selma (Black Suede/Gold) sudded boots priced at $239.96.

Chanel is making money.... literally making Money!

Karl Lagerfeld unveils a new five Euro coin at the Hotel de la Monnaie, the national mint responsible for making official coins and medals. Mr. Lagerfeld was commisoned to design the limited edition collection coins for the French Mint . The coin features Chanel’s signature quilted pattern on one side and the head of Coco Chanel on the other and was created to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Ms. Chanel’s birthday.

You know this is destined to be a huge collectors item on every side of the Atlantic and Pacific. Although the coins bear the stamp of Five Euros, they will retail for far more than that — the four gold or silver versions range in price from 45 Euros to 5,900 Euros and will go on sale at the French Mint on Dec. 1.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ANTM - Cycle 11 winner is......

....McKey. For once, we think they actually got it right. After a really dull ANTM season, you just could not trust Ms. Tyra. It was a shock to see Sam at the finale, Sam who looked like she was on her way to her afternoon shift at Cinnabon. As Nigel said, the two finalists looked "linebackerish".

If you missed it, watch it here.

ANTM Winner- McKey. Photo:courtesy CWTV

This one might actually get work, No?. Anway, it's time to start thinking of putting ANTM to rest.

B-o-r-i-n-g??? Anyone? Its beginning to feel like Survivor and the Apprentice. The only ones doing the surviving are the ones on the Island. Do you even care that they are still on?

A little Ruffle goes a long, long way

Christian Loboutin Python booties

How do you jazz up a plain outfit? Like them initially or not, ruffled shoes eventually grow on you. The above Python Christian Loboutins (what else did you expect, Bruno Frisoni?) are available upon request. You can however, ruffle a few feathers immediately by wearing Prada's ruffled suede sandals below. Nothing could say sexy any more than these shoes can.

Prada Ruffles Sandal

Fendi Satin Ruffle Wedges

Fendi Satin Ruffle Wedge - Comfortable, sexy, sophisticated? How many times do all these features show up in one shoe? $565.00 now $339.00

Fendi Satin Ruffle Flats

Cute as Pie and as sophisticated as ever. Fendi Satin Ruffle Flat, even the price is great. Regularly $450.00, now $269.00. We love their price slashing.

Bruno Frissoni
Bruno Frisoni #H8P 900
These Bruno Frisoni beauties are available at and

Steve Madden Women's Impereal T-Strap Ruffled Pump

Steve Madden Women's Impereal T-Strap Ruffled Pump

Georgina Goodman Halle Open Toe Ruffle Pump

Georgina Goodman Halle Open Toe Ruffle Pump

Ash Helen Ruffle Flat

Got a few serious events, slip a pair of Ash Helen Ruffle Flats under pants or a suit for a little frivolity.