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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is Asian beauty the new ideal?

asian.jpgHaving posted concurrently two posts on the Asian Miss WORLD and the Asian Ford Supermodel of the Year, I begin to wonder" Is Asian beauty the new ideal?." I recently viewed a commercial with an Asian family at the dinner table and thought "I have never seen that before". About time I think, that other ideals of beauty are allowed into the norm.

There have been Asian women on TV, namely Lisa Ling who represents pretty much the stereotypical norm - (Smart Asian woman). The most famous (of Black/Asian origin) who represents beautiful, sexy and fashionable has been Kimora Lee.

Dean Ching discusses this issue of beauty among Western and Asian ideals as he explores a Universal Beauty Standard.

All three components (economic, socil and political) of the social overlay are shifting in favor of Asian beauty. The prosperity and modernity of East Asia and the fast emergence of China from impoverished third-world status to having the world's fastest growing middle class have raised the value of Asians in American eyes.

The vibrant hi-tech cultures of Japan, Corea, Taiwan, Singapore and major Chinese cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou are associating Asians with the glamour of the future rather than the dubious romance of the past.

If this is not a new fashion trend, it definitely ought to be and it ought to be longlasting.

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