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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The Golden Globes will lose their luster this year - with implications for the red carpet - because of the Hollywood writer's strike.
Golden Globes: the show won't go on

This year's first major awards show ceremony, The Golden Globes, has been cancelled. The announcement was made after actors decided they would boycott the awards in support of the striking Hollywood writers.

Referring to an e-mail sent by broadcasters to studios on Monday, The Los Angeles Times reported that the traditional televised dinner and prize-giving ceremony had been scrapped, but a scaled-back red carpet event would be held instead and winners would be allowed to receive their awards in an informal ceremony.

Winners will be announced in a televised press conference, instead of the usual ceremony.

The Hollywood writer's strike - which began on November 5 due to failed negotiations over writer's demands for an increased share of profits from Internet and new media sales - has not only affected the Golden Globes ceremony, but has also forced the suspension of several TV shows and postponement of a number of Hollywood films.

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