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Monday, January 7, 2008


What do you get when you pair Naomi Campbell with Hugo Chavez? One amusing interview. For her debut piece in British GQ, newly minted contributing editor Campbell interviewed the Venezuelan president, and it appears she couldn't shut him up.

In a four-page interview, Chavez blows on about President Bush wanting to kill him, his vision for uniting South America by 2020 and how he thinks the world is seeing "the fall of the Empire [of the Eagle]" — referring to America.

The interview will appear in the magazine's February issue, which hits newsstands Thursday.

Somehow Campbell succeeds in keeping the tone of the interview upbeat. In her introduction, she says that, over the course of her three meetings with Chavez, she discovered — go figure — that he loves to sing. "If he wasn't the president, he'd be a very successful Latin singer," she asserts. She also elicits Chavez's views on fashion: He believes Fidel Castro (whom Campbell once met) is the most stylish world leader because "his uniform is impeccable...and his beard is elegant.


Look for David Beckham in the issue. David Beckham's profile is huge. So, too, now are his proportions. Giorgio Armani unveiled a 3,300-square-foot billboard of the soccer superstar in Milan on Thursday to kick off Emporio Armani's underwear ad campaign, which Beckham is fronting.

The black-and-white image of the lithe Beckham sporting an unbuttoned white shirt and briefs caused quite a stir when released to the media last month.

Aside from setting pulses racing, it also drew speculation that Beckham's manhood had been enhanced for the ad.

His wife and fashionista Victoria hit back, claiming David is big in the trouser department, even likening her husband's package to a tractor exhaust pipe. Make that a small family car, judging by the poster in Milan's exclusive Brera district.

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