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Thursday, January 17, 2008


New York - In fashion, it's always about the next big thing - and the next "it" girl and face. So it's no surprise that 28 years after its inception, the Ford Supermodel of the World competition is still going strong in order to scout for the world's freshest face.

Fifty finalists from around the world arrived in New York last week for supermodel boot camp of photo shoots, go-sees and walking lessons, culminating in a final runway show in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, Jan. 16, where the girls competed for a $250,000 contract with Ford Models.

The show kicked off with a Miss Universe-style tableaux of all the models from behind a red velvet curtain, with each girl taking two turns down the runway in two separate looks.
The judges named Korea's Seung-hyun Kang the grand winner.

Though reality TV shows like "America's Next Top Model," have gotten more buzz recently, Ajuma, a model from Kenya who competed Ford's 2004 competition, sees the Ford competition as having more of a direct impact on an aspiring model's career.

"This one is so much better, because you get to the agents directly, from all over the world," said Ajuma. "If they like you, they're going to sign you. ‘America's Next Top Model' is showbiz! You get the real models doing this competition."

Carmen Dell'Orifice, who has been modeling for 62 years, agreed.
"This is authentic," said Dell'Orifice "The ones on television are made for time and space in a very synthetic way to appease the narcissistic, lazy public that has nothing better to do."- courtesy Yahoo News

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