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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mankini's, bustiers and handbags on the Mens catwalk????

The mens shows have been a tad dissapointing, but mens fashion is pretty much limited anyway.

How to spice it up? Introduce heels and handbags and the ocassional mankini.
Even the occassional "bustier" showed up.

FROM the beaches of Kazakhstan to the catwalks of Milan, enter Borat, fashion arbiter. The mankini has finally found its way into high fashion.

In an outfit that can only owe its inspiration to the male one-piece swimsuit worn by the Sacha Baron Cohen character Borat, British designer Alexander McQueen sent this brave male model to front the crowds for Milan Fashion Week.

Guaranteed never to let the wearer down, the original mankini made its debut in the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan.

The mankini was a low point of the male collections, which included Donatella Versace dedicating her collection to US presidential hopeful Barack Obama, Giorgio Armani presenting jackets and suits, and Dolce & Gabbana unveiling pin-stripe suits as loose and easy as silk pajamas.

What Alexander McQueen really wanted to convey was the “über glamour” of seventies discos (in fact, he said he wanted “über über”). With such a goal, his new collection was hardly going to speak to this particular season, which has already pitched its tent for pajamalike ease. And it wasn’t actually a collection that spoke to warm weather in any shape or form, making the surface-of-the sun temperature in the show venue that much more intolerable. (One sympathized with the model who had to bear the final outfit, a metal-fronted, zip-backed jacket that must have felt like a giant, binding foundation garment.)

Now, gentlemen and ladies, if you ever thought your man was not in style. You are absolutely correct!. However, don't panic. Its nothing a handbag, cellophane suits, a mankini and a bustier wont fix.

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