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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why Linda Evangelista is STILL a "Supermodel"

Before there was Giselle, there was Linda!. Linda Evangelista that is. There were Linda, Christy, Cindy and Naomi. The original Supermodels.
They were the real butter, everything else after that is "I can't believe its not butter." Something else masquerading as the real thing.
Canadian Linda Evangelista makes the cover of June Vogue Italia as we all wait with bated breath for the much hyped July vogue Italia issue with the all black models.
Linda Evangelista was one of the best of the best models in the 90's and now, at age 40 something, she looks like she can still teach younger models a thing or two about modelling.

Lindas' chameleonlike ability to transform herself was what booked her jobs until she made her now infamous statement about how she wouldn't get out of bed for "less than $10,000 a day".
That statement in 2008 does not seem the least bit inflammatory but back then, it drew gasps. Linda was the favorite of Vogue Italia in the 90's after featuring in an unprecedented number of covers.

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