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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New York Fashion Week - Day 1 and 2 favourites

There is a new minimalism in fashion these days, thanks to the economy. Or is there?
Some designers interpreted the clothing in muted colors while some stayed uplifted in brighter colors. A lot of athletic inspired fashions on the runway, these first few days - a nod to the recent Olympics perhaps?

BCBG Max Azria - Spring 09

Some responded by adding immense amounts of fabric to the dresses - hoping to convince you that you were getting a lot of fabric for your money, perhaps?

Yigal Azrouel - Spring 2009

The obvious question on the designers minds is likely to be how New York Fashion Week will translate into sales. The merchandise from this show hits stores when the economy is predicted to be at its lowest point.
This fact must not dampen their creativity but the recession is a hard fact for the designers to ignore with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in the background.
BCBG however, opened up the show with muted colors and quite simple silhouettes.

No surprise as Lubov Azria counted Hillary Clinton as one of her inspirations for the collection. She also, once again no surprise counts the Olympians as heroes and inspiration for their line.

Very wearable as usual and It will be interesting to see what the other designers will be showing as the week moves along.
Alexander Wang showed a fair amount of color, great for Spring but how the Swarovski sweatpants will do in regular life is going to be rather interesting to see.

Karen Walker showed crisp, muted clothing, lots of great blue colors, but nothing that would make one reach for ones wallet.
Jose Ramon Reyes was a tad dissapointing. Last year, he showed great wearable pieces but this season, he opted for "cutesie" with bows, ties and epaulets. And large pockets and drawstrings.

He showed pants like I used to make in school, the ones with the simplest pattern of all, that pouf out at the hips. The kind you know you won't wear next year?

Far too much fabric on the dresses, and the chiffon cover ups? - Mind your reputation, Reyes.

Yigal Azrouel has so far been my favourite of the shows. Great easy,funky wearable pieces, even the bathing suits.

Now, here are some pieces that could be recession proof and can make you say - What recession? We'll buy the rest of the stuff from Target, we hear they are doing great stuff these days.

Carolina Herera, Isaac Mizrahi, Jill Stuart, Thakoon, Ports 1961,Marc Jacobs and others show today but the real fun is always to see who the next hottest designer is. The breakout star.

Kind of like American Idol, but in fashion.

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