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Friday, June 6, 2008

CK " Secret Obsession" last minute venue change.

GUESTS wanting to enjoy a glass of bubbly with Eva Mendes for the launch of Calvin Klein's new fragrance, Secret Obsession, in New York last night had their hopes dashed when organiser Coty Inc cancelled the party at the eleventh hour due to a dispute over the venue.

The location, on SoHo's Broome Street, was vetoed on the afternoon of the party when the building's landlord apparently realised that the tenant had rented out the venue without notice.

"Coty Inc, the licensee for Calvin Klein fragrances, had planned to celebrate the launch of its latest Calvin Klein fragrance at a private New York City residence last night," the company explained in a statement.

"As a result of ongoing disputes related to the use of the contemplated space, of which it was not aware until shortly before the proposed commencement of the event, Coty felt compelled to cancel the event as Coty did not wish to be embroiled in a dispute to which it was not a party.

Calvin Klein Inc was not involved in the production of this event."

All was not lost, however; despite the short notice, the party managed to relocate to Barolo restaurant on West Broadway, reports The Daily

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