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Monday, June 16, 2008

Is it a thong, Is it a boot? Open booties anyone?

This is one trend that goes waaaayy above our heads. Is it a shoe, Is is a boot? Sorry, we are just not cool or sophisticated enough. We cannot even pretend to get it. We saw it last season, as a shoe boot?

And now, - the thong boot. If anyone gets it, please explain.

It is described as "Downtown cool with a certain sophistication. Like something we picked up while vacationing in Italy." If they wear it in Italy, it must be okay right???
The point of wearing boots is to keep your feet toasty, right? The point of wearing thongs is to keep your feet airy. Or is the thong bootie to keep your ankles warm.
We will continue to try to understand. It just all seems rather redundant.

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