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Monday, June 16, 2008

Clooneys' ex - Larsen lands major fashion campaign.

Who knew being a gold digger would pay off so fast and so furiously. Ladies, head off to Vegas and apply for that job as a cocktail waitress and before you get to Vegas, stop off, eat some scorpions on that ridiculous show - Fear Factor. You might meet your own potential meal ticket.

Oh well, Ashley Dupre is also a star, of sorts. A girl has to find work after her meal ticket expires.

Trust men to make such an obvious mistake, Clooney does not bring anyone out in decades and then shows up with Miss Cocktail waitress who is bent on milking every single last cent out of her fame by association. Yeesh!

Larsen is the new face of "Christian Audigier" a member of the same group that make the "Ed Hardy" and "SMET' fashion lines.

"She is a fresh, elegant and classy girl," says the designer of his new muse, who models a variety of dresses from his new couture line in the ads. "I saw her on a red carpet and liked her style and European look."

Did you mean "her Vegas look" perhaps?

Larson was in LA last week for the shoot, which will be unveiled later this month, according to PEOPLE.COM.

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