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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sneak peek at Versace Resort 2009

For cruise, Donatella Versace went to town with drapes and tucks, combining loose and slim pieces with references to the Victorian era. The color choices spanned from muted desert tones to vivid brights in a range of silks and crisp cottons. Donatella, you can do so much better, I am such a huge fan of Donatella's stuff. Spring 2008 was phenomenal, just perfect (If you ever find yourself in Bailly Romainvilliers, France -check out the Versace outlet. I hope they are not closed down yet.)

It kinda looks cheap and even the collar necklace cannot distract from the fact that the looks are so eighties and so tired and so lame. Can you believe the Press release? The colors date back to the Victorian Era. The colors spanned from muted Desert tones - Victorian and desert? Okay, now we've just heard it all from the land of PR and writing copy.

It looks like a collection for Steve and Barrys, or H&M or get the picture and it would be perfect. But Versace?.....

Now that you know our opinion, :) What do you think of the new Versace Resort 2009 looks?

Maybe we should wait to see the rest of the collection. There might be a few redeeming pieces in there.

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