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Monday, June 9, 2008

Are "It" handbags now a thing of the Past?

Think about it, its been a while since we had a Baguette, a Balenciaga, a Chanel - the handbag that was guaranteed to open doors and earn you respect. Are women finally coming to their senses??

Our own new favorite handbag, practical with the right amount of fashion rush.

Of course there are still a few women who rush out there to purchase whatever purses are declared to be the new thing, but even they cannot ultimately keep up with the unending roster of handbags that we are bombarded by. Show-off, celebrity-endorsed totes, with silly names and even sillier price tags, are the fashion equivalent of negative equity. Face it, there has been no "it" bag for a while and frankly we hope it stays that way.

But what to carry instead? Something anonymous and expensive by an unknown brand? A blue-chip classic? Or something cheap and cheerful? These are all sensible options, but they don’t provide that magical fashion hit.

The bags that matter now are the ones that work with the wearer, rather than overpowering them. Instead of being a catch-all purchase that guarantees instant fashionability, it is part of a bigger picture.

These bags reflect the lifestyle, personality and attitude of the wearer, not just their bank balance. When you look at it like that, brand names and price tags matter less than quality, design and general gorgeousness.

And thats the way it should stay. Say hello to the "Me" bag! Me buys it, because Me likes it!

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