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Friday, December 12, 2008

Is Karl Lagerfeld the Obama of fashion?

Lagerfeld and Lohan in his Chanel plane[Lagerfeld and Lohan in front of his Chanel plane- bet you did not know Chanel had a plane]

Why did bloggers blog endlessly about his $1,500.00 teddy bear, not even pausing for one moment to wonder why a grown man should be seen posing with a teddy bear.

In someones else's hands, that picture would seem so....perverted?

His sales pitch? "Bears are very nice, as long as you are nice to them … Nothing scares me more than people with some doll collection. Frightening."

You nailed it monsieur!. All those weird QVC Marie Osmond and Barbie collecting people. Hrmph!!

Let's not even discuss the perpetual sunglasses and the gloves.

We write about his super expensive $25,000 fishing rod and the guy most likely does not fish and may have never ever fished in his life. Not that we blame him, but can you imagine him touching worms??? Especially a man who says "I never played with anything like toys. I wanted to be grown up". Somehow you don't envision worms in his past. At least not those kinds of worms.

Then heaven forbid that he put on a safety vest for France and all hell breaks loose.

He is the Obama of Fashion. Whatever he does, the fashion world wants more, and more and more!

Then he parts ways with Obama because he wants absolutely nothing to do with the common man. Imbeciles, all the rest of us! and yet we still thirst.

Lagerfeld turns into an Obama plus Oprah hybrid fully loaded with a larger than life ego. You know when Oprah says she couldn't decide between the green Bentley and the blue one, so she bought both.

Yet, somehow we don't resent them. We want more... and what are you going to do tomorrow! we wonder and we wait for word.

He says as he continue to drive his gas guzzling 3 hummers.... The Hummer is like a tank and gives me a feeling of security. I don't want to drive at the same level as the others. Yeah, read the quote below.

It now appears that he has heard of that thing called a recession and he is trying to adjust.
For one thing, "I have moved to a smaller house in Paris, and I don't fancy having so much staff now," he reveals to German weekly Die Zeit. However, "The chambermaid, chauffeur and chef are still musts," he says, "around the clock." His passion for gas-guzzling Hummers - the largest model, H1 - continues. "I have three of them," Lagerfeld tells the Die Ziet. "Two here in Paris and one in Monte Carlo.... The Hummer is like a tank and gives me a feeling of security. I don't want to drive at the same level as the others." He also weighs in on his new house in Vermont, noting, "It's very Emily Dickinson. In fact it's almost Puritanical. For me it's a new form of modesty."

Ah! Monsieur Lagerfeld, you are tres charming in a je ne sais quoi type of way. Is that french for weird? Unfortunately, he is right about keeping the H1 hummer. It is the best of the best. All the other hummers are meh.

Well, I guess as long as he continues to dangle super expensive bags we covet, and clothing we cannot afford if we earn a salary, we will forgive all his foibles and attribute them to the eccentricities of a fashion genius. Non???

Karl Lagerfeld and his limited edition bear[Lagerfeld and his $1,500 teddy bear]

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