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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 - the year of the stupid and the winner is...

Rod Blagojevic, Bernard Madoff, John Edwards, George Bush all made their mark on the year 2008 but our winner is the guy who asks, What is a Barack? Where he from..Africa? Our answer is: What is a DMX?.

DMX, definitely not the name of an intellectual or even a lightbulb. DMX, your ignorance is showing, not that it was ever hidden.

[Rapper DMX]

In a published interview, DMX displays the obvious.. a lack of insight. He claims a disinterest in Politics, but could that be because he can't vote? Hmm???

Fine, he does not follow Politics but he elaborates on his own stupidity as he wonders how anyone could name her child Barack. Yes, DMX, but you do know English is not the only language spoken on Earth, Right????

Follow the 12 most stupid people of 2008 at Ebony Magazine. From Elliott Spitzer, OJ Simpson, Jesse Jackson to John Edwards to the current Illinois governor Blagojevich, 2008 was a year of the dumba***.

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