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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 exceptionally chic ways to reinvent your style in 2009

Tired of the same old humdrum look of 2009? If you ever hear recessionista chic again, will you hurl? Yeah, we understand. Here are 10 exceptionally chic ways to update your style for 2009 and it does not involve spending a fortune. Just follow the rules!

  1. Polish your social skills - Improve yourself by resolving to wear your LBD at least once a month. That way, you expand your rolodex, meet interesting people and who knows what's on the horizon. A new husband???

  2. Get your V5 - 5 Vibrant colors. Maintain a healthy wardrobe of tomato reds, apple, respberry, lemon and bluebery. Start with a Catherine Malandrino Cashmere blend top. and work your way through handbags, scarves, shoes etc. The choices are endless.

  3. Celebrate - wear something sparkly that reminds you of champagne every single day! like a Versace Faceted Stone Ring in Champagne. A sparkly ring or bracelet will suffice but if you had something bigger in mind...just go for it!

  4. Take up a new hobby e.g Gardening and clothe yourself in lovely florals in the coming year. Make hothouse flowers your choice in 2009.

  5. Embrace Bondage - bring out those Herve Leger bandage dresses and if you can't ,slip into some bandage shoes or gladiators like Giuseppe Zanotti Strappy leather sandals. Oh yes, and maybe you'd like to try liquid leggings? You know you do.

  6. Dvelop your animal instincts - Take a walk on the wild side and devlop your animal instincts. Earn your stripes, your spots, your dots with 2009 animal prints.

  7. Go back to school - Take a crash course in geometry. Prints, abstracts, collages are all part of the years trends.

  8. Dress like you mean business - invest in a suit this season. Mix and match the jacket and pants like you mean business. Time to take a refresher course in Style 101?

  9. Learn a little more history - The 80's, the 50's, acid-wash, holey jeans. Keep right on top of history and know which era you are dressing for each day.

  10. Get fit - Take up a sport or hobby or at least look like you can take up a sport. Either way, you might be able to fit into those bandage dresses and make them look fab.

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