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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Did Posh Spice knock off Roland Mouret designs?

Victoria Beckham in her own design[Victoria Beckham in her own design]

Fashion tongues are wagging and wagging furiously. Last week it was reported that Victoria Beckham had sold out of all the dresses Selfridges ordered but 3 (just so you know, they ordered 20).

While the collection is very classic and unadventurous which is a good thing.

As Style puts it:

Every one of them could've been pulled from Beckham's own closet. The silhouette is beyond body-conscious, ultra-fitted from shoulder line to below the knee, with special seams along the derriere and torso to ensure against flat rear ends and busts, respectively. And each comes with woman-friendly details like a rose-gold back zipper ("so you don't have to dive into it and mess your hair and makeup") and a removable grosgrain ribbon lining the waist ("for posture"). If the collection owes a debt to anyone, it's Roland Mouret, whose Galaxy dress gave curves to even the most skeletal of celebrities, or maybe Dolce & Gabbana. But Beckham denies the inspiration. "This has been a lifetime in the making," she said, adding that she's been wearing the best designers in the world for about as long. And she's not interested in making an It dress. "I don't want to make dresses that will date. I've always been about clever buying." The dresses will range from $1,500 to $3,600.

And while we certainly don't think the rumors will affect her fashion credibility as a designer, since she never had any design credibility, we predict this will simply go away as will her stint as a serious fashion designer.

Now the question is Did Posh Spice actually design her own clothing? or did she get immense help (as in rip off) from Rolan Mouret whom she refuses to give any kind of credit to.

Th collaboration of the pair is hardly a surprise because Victoria Beckham had been rumoured to be designing a set of limited edition dresses, with the help of one of her favourite designers, Roland Mouret but how many of the dresses did she actually design if any?

Victoria Beckham Collection[from the Beckham collection]

Same seamstress as designer Roland Mouret. Same pattern makers. Same fabric suppliers. Same atelier. Even the same label. Click here to see similarities.

Victoria Beckham Collection[from the Beckham collection]

Victoria Beckham[from the Beckham collection]

According to the Daily Mail, A fashion insider said: ‘There have been a lot of comparisons between the dresses and when the collection launched people were picking up the Mouret dresses and Victoria’s and comparing them.’

Mrs Beckham has confessed that although she is the designer, she has not actually drawn the dresses.

In a recent interview, she said: ‘Do I draw? No. Then again, nor do lots of designers. But I put it all on myself and walk around in it, and I know what feels comfortable. I know how a dress should sit.

'I’ve worn so many in the past and when I see the photographs I think, crikey, my boobs are up round my neck again because the corsets are too short and not cut high enough.’

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