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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tips for shopping online...start your search engines!

We welcome you to the most unproductive day in worker history aka Cyber Monday.

  1. Start window shopping - today for after Christmas sales and beyond as well.The best days for online shopping is Fridays - a lot of items are reduced even further on Fridays.

  2. Sign up at your favourite websites - and designate a particular e-mail address e.g lovetoshop@yahoo. If they sell your info, you can always and create another but at least you have an idea who is selling your info.

  3. Shop to your hearts content on line. Add everything to your cart and walk away. Make dinner, go running, anything then come back. By then, only the things you really like will stay in your mind. Then check that list again.

  4. Also you can 'Proceed to Checkout,' but then close your browser window. "Very often, you'll get a followup, computer-generated e-mail from the company asking if there was anything they could have done to complete the transaction. Then respond and ask for a deal sweetener or if you are comfortable with small lies:), tell them you found a lower price.

  5. Don't underestimate the value of free shipping. Depending on how much you buy, free shipping can be a blessing. You can demand it these days!

  6. Don't forget returns and re-stocking fees. Find a merchant who will offer you free returns and may even send you a pre-printed mailing shipping label like and

  7. Beware of final sales. If its a horrible item, you want to be able to send the cr**p back.

  8. If you can, shop during commuter travel when everyone is off to work or returning. Before 9.a.m or after 5p.m. Also try shopping at dinnertime in your area. Forget lunch, spend that time browsing if you must, or actually have lunch to get you fortified.

  9. Check Ebay. Yes, you'll be pleasantly surprised but beware of fake items.

  10. Watch for the taxes in your state. Only your state taxes are applicable to you.

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