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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chanel is making money.... literally making Money!

Karl Lagerfeld unveils a new five Euro coin at the Hotel de la Monnaie, the national mint responsible for making official coins and medals. Mr. Lagerfeld was commisoned to design the limited edition collection coins for the French Mint . The coin features Chanel’s signature quilted pattern on one side and the head of Coco Chanel on the other and was created to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Ms. Chanel’s birthday.

You know this is destined to be a huge collectors item on every side of the Atlantic and Pacific. Although the coins bear the stamp of Five Euros, they will retail for far more than that — the four gold or silver versions range in price from 45 Euros to 5,900 Euros and will go on sale at the French Mint on Dec. 1.

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