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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Diddy submits BOND - 007 Audition Tape

Watch your back Daniel Craig, here comes tooth-picking Diddy as the new 007.

Back in 2006, Diddy, then known as P. Diddy told the BBC. "One day the time will come for a black Bond and hopefully I can audition for it," the then 36-year-old said at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Copenhagen.

Well, the time has come and try not to laugh as you watch Diddys' Bond audition/I am King advertisement shown below.

Diddy spent more than $1m in an effort to be the next Bond and perhaps, just perhaps it does not work, he segues into an ad for "I am King" - his fragrance.

Dressed with a License to Kill, Diddy dons a tuxedo and cuts through the sky at the helm of a helicopter, draped with beautiful Bond-worthy girls. However, saving himself from utter humiliation, the audition tape will also promote the star’s new fragrance, I Am King – are you, though, really Diddy?

Somehow we suspect if he does manage to get the role, it will be the lowest grossing Bond movie ever but he'll keep us entertained until then.

One thing for sure, the Bond producers don't need to shell out for more Bond jewelry - did 007 wear jewelry?? you say?? Maybe he could play the villian - Blingfinger, a black rapper who wants to take over the world and all its diamond mines. Now, that might work. Maybe we can write the screenplay...oooh.

Confidence is a good thing - Non??

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