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Friday, December 21, 2007


Have the Australians inevitably saved the world from the dreaded visible thong?????
Backless Lingerie International

Australia: A land of contrasts, now a land of comfort.

Our new Backless Lingerie have been disappearing from our shelves at an unprecedented rate.These Comfortable Backless Lingerie were designed by a woman, for women. We think they are going to revolutionise the lingerie world.

Why are Backless Lingerie so great: The special backless design and comfortable leg straps, combined with the full width gusset makes these panties sheer, sleek and scintillating.

They Stay in Place: Unlike thongs, Backless Lingerie doesn't ride, wedge or shift. Their soft straps sit snugly below your bottom, keeping them firmly in place

Priced from $12.95
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