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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How to be a Supermodel...The reality of ABC'S True Beauty.. American Apparel Legal Soap Opera continues


Wanna be a Supe?...Read Julian Short's new book, A Model For Living: The Aspiring Supermodel's Self Help Guide.

Even if a modelling career isn't for you, the tips for handling rejection, boosting self esteem, managing relationships and developing assertiveness are certainly something that can be applied off the catwalk.

"This is a great book - it offers positive advice about dealing with difficult and every day situations," says Nineties uber-model and Storm girl Lorraine Pascale. "As a model, this would have been an invaluable guide for me when I was starting out and meeting different people, travelling, and being away from home and family. It also offers practical advice for maintaining a healthy self esteem and learning to be confident, and this is really important for today's young models - and women in general."


ist ejected contestant[Hadiyyalah - 1st ejected contestant rated herself a 20 out of 10 ]

Did you catch the season premiere of True Beauty. The new Ashton Kutcher/Tyra Banks collaboration? If you did, are you wondering how many of your brain cells were lost in watching this show which we are sure is going to be a hit. If you did, you are not alone.

The only thing that had true beauty on the show were the cars and oh yes... Vanesssa Minillo. Cute girl. The "Hall of Beauty", the silly asinine little contests - if you opened someone elses file or didn't help the guy loaded down with coffee cups instantly showed you were not a true beauty.

Take these people to a kindergarten class, a hospital, a soup kitchen or an old peoples home if you want to see true character. You start to wonder if the choices of the true test of ones character reflects the shallowness of the producers themselves.

The woman who was sent packing at the end of Monday's first episode, Hadiyyah-lah, (an Omarosa in training) was less than pleased to be labeled a hopeless bitch with an imperfect jawline.

The most scary part of the show is that they were all so serious. The guy who was told he was as perfect as Brad Pitt actually looked and acted like he had won the Nobel Prize or something of great importance. Yikes! or Maybe he was thinking of the $100,000 cash prize and a spot in People Magazines 100 most beautiful people.


First Woolworths, now M&S. MARKS & SPENCER is to cut 1,230 jobs and close 27 stores after its UK sales fell 3.4 per cent in the 13 weeks to December.

During the M&S third quarter media conference call this morning, M&S chairman Sir Stuart Rose admitted that the head office job cuts would be across the board.

He said: "We need to be careful about duplication of roles. No one will be immune."

The trading figures, revealed in M&S' third quarter trading statement, are a huge blow to the retailer which, under the leadership of Sir Stuart Rose, has enjoyed a period of phenomenal profitability personified by its band of supermodel faces - among them Twiggy, Elizabeth Jagger (Drapers)


First it was employee discrimination, wrongful termination, Sexual harassment- all cases pending.

Now, The Los Angeles-based company finds itself embroiled in yet another legal battle with its former head of European operations after being hit by a lawsuit, filed by Bernhard-Axel Ingo Brake, who alleges he was fired after complaining about the company’s employment practices in Europe.

Brake --who joined the company in 2002 when it was still a fairly small company and privately held -- is further alleging that he is owed more than $1 million in bonuses and commissions that were verbally promised to him by founder and chief executive officer of Los Angeles-based American Apparel Inc. Dov Charney.

In a counter law suit, American Apparel is charging that Brake hired his mistress for a high-level job managing the company’s Switzerland business despite, American Apparel is alleging, the fact that she did not fulfill the duties of that position. In addition, the company alleges Brake hired his daughter to work in a company store -- violating American Apparel nepotism rules -- and paid her unwarranted bonuses, in an effort to enrich himself. (WWD)


The winner is OmniaLuo, Chairwoman and Chief Designer the "2008 Chinese Fashion Designer of the Year." Ms. Luo received this prestigious award at the Chinese version of the publication's December 11th "2008 Women of the Year" ceremony.

Sponsored by the Proctor & Gamble brand "Olay", this high profile event highlighted the achievements of Chinese female leaders across sports, entertainment, design, literature and more.

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