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Monday, January 5, 2009

Furry boots or just electrocuted kittens at your ankles?

In the January issue of Lucky Magazine, the Accessories segment is on furry boots. You know how we are, how we free associate. One minute we are looking at furry boots, the next all we see are elctrocuted kittens glued to your legs.

Since it's still in the middle of winter, and I just attended a football game where I couldn't feel my toes (I could have used a good pair of furry boots), we can still talk about boots, right?

We have since decided that since we have nothing against furry boots, we would find great sleek boots and not the ones that look like those worn by Las Vegas girls in bikinis or Mariah Carey in her furry red Dior boots in Aspen or Pam Andersen in Malibu.

Are there any such things? Sleek furry boots or is that an oxymoron? We found a couple of sleek ones and that's saying much since Australia's Uggs pretty much dominate the market for furry boots.

You know some thought about your appearances would go into Jimmy Choo Yanis suede boots. The Ugg people are all about comfort while Jimmy Choo is all about style...and some comfort.

Appropriately named Kors by Michael Kors Blizzard boots was the next best boot we found. If they call them bizzard boots, they better come through in blizzard like conditions like afore mentioned football game.

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